Slide Scanners

What to do when you’re retired and there’s a pandemic? Sort thru your thousands of photos and slides!

The photos were easy, and we can scan those on our all-in-one printer/scanner. But for slides you need a special device, and we got one of those this week.

“It’s going to take forever!” we said before. But I can tell you that I’ve done about 150 over a couple of evenings. Shove one in, press 2 buttons, shove in the next one, and so on. Take out the chip, use a little USB adapter to connect it to the PC, and copy all the files.

From there, you can take your time to edit, delete, improve, share… anything. And it’s pretty amazing how good these look (especially the ones from my folks’ wedding in 1948)!

NOT Amazon! This came from (cheaper with online coupon)