A Suggestion from an Internet Veteran (circa 1995):

Especially in stressful times (and this may be the most stressful ever), you sometimes just want to let out a huge rant; to just let it all out. Unfortunately, Facebook makes that WAY too easy to do, and you may inadvertently say things you wish you hadn’t.

SO my suggestion (and I have used this for all those 25 years, and am using it as I write this now): instead of opening Facebook, just open up your text editor instead. That’s Notepad on your PC; might be something like “Text” “Notes” or “Memos” on your phone or tablet.

Now, type everything you want. Let your guts out, type EVERYTHING you have on your mind. Drink a glass of ice water halfway thru; that will cool you down while you finish.

When you’re done, go back through it. Read it slowly, edit and possibly delete some stuff. This will put your thoughts more in order, and will depressurize you even more.

All good? Now take what you wrote and make a decision: if this truly does express thoughts that will improve the state of the online world, simply SELECT ALL and COPY, then open Facebook and PASTE it in there.

(NEED HELP making that decision? Give it the Rotary International Four-Way Test. It’s just four questions:

  • Is it the TRUTH?
  • Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  • Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?)

And if what you wrote was really just to get it off your chest and reduce that very real pressure, remember you can just save it to your device, Email it to yourself, or do a Facebook post to ONLY ME.

Or, if you’ve really accomplished what you set out to do, just DELETE it and you’re done.