Not Leavin on a Jet Plane

With apologies to Peter Paul & Mary, I rewrote these lyrics during the coronavirus pandemic. This was a week in March 2020 when thousands of snowbirds, mostly Canadians, were trying to get home after wintering here in Yucatan, Mexico. Every day there was new, often conflicting information, and most of these lyrics just came to me. Enjoy, and feel free to copy and pass on. (The day after I wrote it and posted it on Facebook, it got forwarded to someone who recorded it. I’ll put that link at the end.)

All my bags were packed, I was ready to go
I was standing there outside your door
I wanted to wake you up to say goodbye
But a text came in; there won’t be a plane
The flight is cancelled, it’s such a pain
I lock my door; I look outside and sigh

Don’t kiss me, just smile at me
Stand at least six feet from me
Text me that you’ll never let me go
I was leavin’ on a jet plane
I don’t know when I can fly again
Oh, babe, I want to go.

So I’m trying to find another flight
For any time, both day and night
I’ll tell you now, nothing works at all
The lines are jammed, I can’t get thru
The Website’s down, I tried that too
I just feel like I’m up against a wall.


OK it’s time to face the fact
It makes no sense trying to go back
I close my eyes and see myself staying here
I dream about the days to come
And panicking is really dumb
Think back to when “Corona” was a beer.

So kiss me and smile for me
Stay here in my home with me
Self-quarantined but happy in our home
‘coz I’ve let go, of that jet plane
Don’t care if I go back again
Oh, babe, I love you so.

The video is embedded below. If it does not work, copy/paste this into your browser and it should come up: