22 June–GROUTED!!

Amazing what a 3-hour hard push will do.  I started around 10:00AM; by 1:00PM all the blue, green, and Sirena herself, was DONE.  There is still detail work to do, which I’ll show you at the end of this post; but for now, it is a HUGE day in the life of this project!

Here’s how I started.  After mixing maybe 1/3 of the 5kg bag; I’m using the float to spread the grout over the tile, pressing it into the cracks.

I can tell you right away, this is NOT the same as doing a tile wall or floor where all the tiles are square and the same thickness!  I had to slide the float in all directions or it would miss whole joints where a thick tile would hold the float out away from a thin one.

But the good (great, really) news is that instead of the grout bringing out all my irregularities in thickness and spacing between the tiles, it ended up masking nearly all of them!  Even the glass tiles, many of which have no gap between them at all,ended up with a very nice white grout line around them.

You really have to work fast, and nonstop.  I took about a half hour to use up all the grout in the bucket. Then immediately starts the process of using the sponge to scrub off the excess.


The sponge has a scrubby side and a spongy side.  It takes serious elbow grease to get the excess off!  (Sometimes I cheated and used a fingertip.)  And here was the second really great news: even with the hard scrubbing, NONE of the tiles broke off the wall.  I’m amazed…

Here you can see a second wipedown of the glass tiles on the tail.  I had to stop about every minute to rinse the sponge with the hose and nozzle.  A big Home Depot orange bucket was my “sink.”

A second bucket of grout and 2 more hours, and she’s done!  Here is how La Sirena looks after grouting, the sponge scrubbing, and then a light wipe with a dry towel to take off the haze:

BUT she is not quite done yet.  Obviously the yellow ocean bottom isn’t done yet.  But there is some important detail work to do. The grout will have to be applied using a bag that’s just like what a cake decorator fills with frosting to write and make designs.  I’ll use it to fill in

around the fish and Sirena’s hair:


and the seashell bracelets and necklace have their own issues.  They are buried way to deep for me to grout around them.  I think the best thing to do, since I have an unlimited supply of shells, is to just glue a near-identical shell right to the top of each one.  That should bring them up to the level of the tiles, and then I can grout around them.

SO, Wow… this grouting day went spectularly well; far better than I ever thought it would.  I can finally say:  she looks GREAT.  Here’s one more look, from the right end of the wall:

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20 June–Ocean tile done!

A LONG post today, because it’s a big day for La Sirena.

TASK 1:  Finish fitting and taping up tiles. This was a really long process as I’ve typed before, with many tiles taking 15-20 minutes to fit.  But I got it done before lunch, and here’s the photo.

TASK 2:  Cement them in.  I’m back to the Bexel “Solucion Total” cement, and I’ve decided I really don’t like it as much.  But I got them up in good shape (assuming they STAY up).

A few “Hazaa!s” at that moment.  It has, after, been FIVE MONTHS TO THE DAY since I started this blog, and all the tile except the beach is ON THE WALL.

Well, I thought so anyway.  Because when I stepped back, I realized there were still a few little gaps to be filled; irregular-shape places that I figured I’d wait until the right tile showed up.  They never did, so another half hour of cut-and grind to do these (under her hair)…

and this green one (between her fingers).

Not so bad.

I next took some time to clean a lot of the tiles (not the ones just cemented) so I could begin to seal the worn ones with “barniz” (sort of a varnish).

Only a small percentage of the tiles need this step; the ones whose glassy surface has worn off over time.  This has to be done now, or the grout will be absorbed and badly stain the tiles.  Although it looks like it might take forever, it actually is going very fast.

So here she is!  The next real change you’re going to see will be once I get grouting; the sand area to the right will come after that.

It’s a celebration night!  That means the really good Scotch before bed…

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19 June-One More Day?

Let’s start with the End of Day Photo this time:

You can see, the green really is almost done!  I think one more day to fit the rest of the tiles and then cement them all in.

Here’s the closeup view.  You can see there really is a very small space left to fill in with green.

This is going very slowly.  (Compare the photo above to the one six days ago.) The space is very confined, so practically ever tile is being cut and ground to fit. Most of them take 10 to 20 minutes each to do this.

The plan is to finish the green, and then GROUT all the way up to the sand-bottom border, and then work on the sand after that.  The grouting could go smoothly or have problems from one end of the wall to the other, but it’s time to find out.

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13 June–More green (and some yellow)

 Light at the end of the tunnel?  

This morning I cemented the top row of tile all the way out to the end!

I think there is now less than a 2-square-foot area of water to do, and then just the sandy sea bottom.  If it looks like I can’t get it all done before we travel again July 7, then I may do the grout all the way up to the gold line of tile that defines the edge of the sand.

The grouting is going to be very interesting, since the tiles have such a wide range of thickness and the gaps between them go from zero to maybe 1/8″.  I do not have good feel for how it will look at the end.

Oh!  But before that, comes CLEANING the tiles, and SEALING any of them that have lost their glass surface over years on the beach.  I have what appears to be some very good sealer for that task; it will be careful detail work with an artist’s brush.  Anyway, here’s La Sirena at noon 13 June:

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8 June–Lots more Green

Remember when every day (back the end of March) my post was nothing more than “More blue tile”?

That’s about where we are now with the green.  I should have lots of material to finish the ocean, in several different shades of green (but especially that Plain Old Pastel Green).  Some folks even surprised me by bringing some over yesterday!  I’m in fine shape.

So the last several days have been the same slow process of finding a tile that almost fits a place, chipping and grinding it, and taping it up.  Then once a day, mixing up the cement and sticking them all on the wall.  The above photo is the recent work as of 12 Noon today–notice that the entire area above her is now completely filled in!

But there was one unique little project this morning.  At the gift shop of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain, we bought a little coaster made from six pieces of ceramic tile, molded and arranged into a pattern actually found on some of the walls there.  I taped the faces all together and then stripped off the piece of felt that was holding them into shape.

I was going to put it on the wall and then get tiles to fit around it, but realized that would take forever and with questionable success.  Instead, I laid it on the table and fit tiles all around it.  No climbing up and down the ladder!  The whole thing took about a half hour.

After taping it all together so it could be handled as one piece (just as I did five months ago with Sirena’s body), I cemented it in place as you see here.


Several hours later:

The tape is off and you can see the pattern!





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4 June–We’re back!

Back from five weeks in Europe, and there’s some pretty inspirational tile work out there.  Portugal in particular is very well known for paving its pedestrian walks and plazas with black and white mosaic tiles, and the Andalusian cities of Cordoba and Sevilla have tile walls and decoration literally every place you look.

(Sites like the Alcazar in Seville and Alhambra in Granada have walls and walls of the stuff, created using several different 2D and 3D techniques.)

Returning home the first issue to deal with was the same one that existed in April: the lack of enough pale green tiles.  So I put a request out on our local expats Facebook group.  Unlike my try several months ago (it was blue tile that time), I got several responses!  It took a few trips out to the other beach towns, climbing around construction sites or combing piles on the playa, but I now should have more than enough to get this project finished.

Today was my first day back at work on La Sirena, and the result is here.  I’ve selected, cut, grinded (ground?) and taped up about 50 pieces to be cemented on the wall tomorrow morning.

And I have to be more careful.  It took less than a minute for me to slip the first time using the grinder; fortunately it barely touched my skin (this time).  And later on, I nonchalantly grabbed a just-ground tile in my ungloved hand and burned two fingers.  (I can’t glove both hands; need the dexterity in my right one.)

Anyway, we’re on a roll again.  We travel again in 5 weeks, and when we return it will be the rainy season, so it would be really nice to have the mermaid done.

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17 April–too much distraction?

Let’s start off focusing on the bulk of the work of the past several days.

It’s very slow right now; a combination of working in the small curving space above her body and the lack of tiles to choose from.  Those two things mean it takes a lot of time to find an appropriate tile, a lot of clipping and grinding to make them fit, and a LOT of trips up and down the stepstool.  Still, you can see I’m very close to having the entire area above her body filled in!  And there is more done out front of her as well (see photo below).

I broke down and bought some tiles at the Mexican-style tile store in Merida.  There are several colors here, and I bought one pattern that you can see in the photo.  Notice that none of these are soft pastels; Mexican tile is known for its bright colors!

So now the question: is there so much color up there that Sirena is getting lost?  Lots of colors; lots of small tiles in a multitude of shapes.  Hopefully when it’s all cleaned up and grouted it will all be fine.

Here she is as of the end of April 17.  I have at the most one more day of work before our long trip!

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12 April–A bit more green

Not much to add the past couple of days; we’re now really focused on preparation for travel, so Sirena is not getting much attention.

The big work yesterday and today was this relatively small area of green tile.  As mentioned before, it can be several trips up and down the stepstool to fit each one.  Fortunately, the cementing in goes fast.

Lots of area filled in at the left, and the top row is almost complete all the way to the air bubbles coming up from her mouth.  Nearly all of those top-row tiles are only attached to the wall part-way up, so I have been packing finger-fulls of leftover cement behind each one a day or two after mounting them.  I’m hoping that will create a solid back for them.

Here she is as of this afternoon:

You can see all the area still to be filled in out front of her to where the beach rises.  But here on the table is ALL the green I have left.

Tomorrow we will probably head into Merida and I’ll try to buy some more, hopefully in some different shades and especially in pastels.  Hope springs eternal!

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10 April–Catching up

Six days since the last post!  A few slack days in there, and some just adding more tile.  As of noon today, here’s Sirena:

You can see more green tiles are up, but it’s going very slowly–all those trips up and down the stepstool really do slow me down.  At this point we’ve given up the self-imposed deadline of April 20 (when we leave for five weeks) and that takes the pressure off.

I realized I’ve never posted a photo of one very tedious part of this process.  Practically every single tile has excess cement that has oozed out the edges, and we don’t want any of that to show; there always has to be enough depth for the grout to fill up.

So when I’m not doing something else, I go out to La Sirena with my little picking tool (actually a soldering thingie that came with my Radio Shack soldering iron) and scrape out the excess.  It comes out pretty easily (hopefully that doesn’t mean the adhesion is weak as well) and looks a lot better when it’s done.

Possibly some more work later this afternoon!  But in the meantime…

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4 April–Green and Bubbles

We’re full-bore on GREEN now!  I may still drop a few blue tiles in at the transition behind the large fish, but I’m basically into the whole “above Sirena” green part of the ocean.

I did have some special fun this afternoon.

For weeks, you’ve seen a couple of tiles taped out in front of her mouth.  Those are little “bubble” tiles; they have a bubbly pattern in the glaze.

I’ve been hoping to have enough of those tiles to create a column of bubbles all the way to the surface, and today I decided to track them down.  There was a lot of blue masking tape used to get those to stay up there, but amazingly little cutting and grinding to make them fit together!  I figured the tape could easily give way overnight, so I mixed up a batch of cement and stuck them up there.

I did some work in the area above her arm too.  That’s filling in pretty nicely.





The other task today was continuing to do the top row.  This time I was smarter; rather than go up and down the ladder trying to fit each tile, I laid out about a dozen of them on the table first, and then cemented them up all at once.  (That ONLY works for something like this top row, where I only have to match each tile to the ones on each end.)

So, here’s what La Sirena looks like at the end of the day, 4 April:

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