4 April–Green and Bubbles

We’re full-bore on GREEN now!  I may still drop a few blue tiles in at the transition behind the large fish, but I’m basically into the whole “above Sirena” green part of the ocean.

I did have some special fun this afternoon.

For weeks, you’ve seen a couple of tiles taped out in front of her mouth.  Those are little “bubble” tiles; they have a bubbly pattern in the glaze.

I’ve been hoping to have enough of those tiles to create a column of bubbles all the way to the surface, and today I decided to track them down.  There was a lot of blue masking tape used to get those to stay up there, but amazingly little cutting and grinding to make them fit together!  I figured the tape could easily give way overnight, so I mixed up a batch of cement and stuck them up there.

I did some work in the area above her arm too.  That’s filling in pretty nicely.





The other task today was continuing to do the top row.  This time I was smarter; rather than go up and down the ladder trying to fit each tile, I laid out about a dozen of them on the table first, and then cemented them up all at once.  (That ONLY works for something like this top row, where I only have to match each tile to the ones on each end.)

So, here’s what La Sirena looks like at the end of the day, 4 April:

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