22 January — A Sticky Problem

Way back in May, when I laid out La Sirena’s blue tail, I had to peel every one of the small square pool tiles off of a mesh backing.

Unfortunately, some of the adhesive stayed on the back of those tiles, and now they are all stuck tightly to the clear plastic sheet that I covered the table with. (Also underneath that sheet is the big paper printed blowup of the design; I’ll show that to  you once it’s visible again.)


So today I started the tedious process of peeling off every tile (sometimes with my thumb, sometimes it takes a chisel).  I’m doing this in pairs of rows, and then covering them with a strip of masking tape to keep them aligned.  After that, I’m laying down a little strip of waxed paper, which will hopefully keep them from sticking down again!

Here’s a pic a couple of hours later.  All those tiles have been pried up, then laid back down, taped and wax-papered.  Still have to do the fin, but the job is mostly done.

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