18 March–Every Tile Counts

I really am feeling the squeeze on the pastel blue tile.  I want to cut as little as possible, to try to use what I have to its best advantage.

As my inventory of tile gets smaller, it is harder and harder to find pieces that fit and mesh with what is already on the wall. Because of that, it’s not practical right now to mix up the cement, spread it out, and then choose and place the tiles.  (We keep an eye out for more beach tiles, and others are looking out for us, too.)

So instead, I’m doing what you can see in this photo:

Every piece of blue masking tape that you see is holding up one or more tiles, which I’ve selected to fit (and hopefully look good in) the space–there’s a total of about 40 up there.

Off to the right in the top photo, the two blue-tape stars show about where our two real starfish will go; they’ll give something for La Sirena to be reaching for and looking at.  (Not that starfish actually swim; call it artistic license.)

I’ll place more tiles this way until there’s enough to be able to mix up cement and glue them on.  And if I have some left over, I can work on the yellow sand area at the right; nothing very critical there and there is lots of yellow tile!

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