27 March–More Sea and Beach

In a way it’s just “more of the same.”  But I probably put up more tile today than I have since Sirena herself went on the wall.

The best process does seem to be:

  • Find, clip and grind tiles to fit spaces
  • Tape’em up
  • Repeat a few dozen times
  • Mix up cement
  • Move really fast, buttering the tiles and slapping them up one at a time, stripping off the blue tape as I go (This part is kind of fun)

There were two passes at this today.  Here’s how she looked at lunch:

Just for comparison, here’s about that same angle at the end of the day yesterday.  Main difference is  under her tail.

And here’s what we have now, at the end of the afternoon.  It is mostly additions to the beach end, so this is an angle from there.

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