5 February-Right Arm, and LOTS of Hair

Only one more day before we start traveling for most of February, and I really want to try and get La Sirena (the mermaid herself) finished if I can!

Today I focused on two things, her left arm and her hair:

Here’s her arm.  I think I envisioned it a little stronger, and a bit longer, but I did not have enough tile to do that (even adding an inch by giving her a shell bracelet to match her necklace).

I would not be surprised if I end up chiseling that off and doing it again.  That should be possible because her other arm is going to use much less tile than I thought, because she’s grown a lot more hair than the original design!

You can see that bit of blue masking tape at the top center of the picture; that is about where her hand will be.  So there is very little arm that will show from behind her hair.

Tomorrow I hope I can do that arm and then fill in the missing tiles at her waist.  Unless I do decide to beef up her left arm, she’ll be done!

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