28 June–Building the Sea Floor

Lots of work over the last six days (in between rainstorms).

First task was to decide how to END this thing!  Up until this week I had the far end of the sea floor marked with a couple of vertical-straight-edge tiles (photo), but that just would not look good when we decide what to do with the ugly cinderblock wall to the right.

So I did some Photoshop mockups of what things might look like and decided on a design.  This photo shows that, and where the project stands now, at the end of today:

The new right-hand end is a good 10 inches farther than it used to be.  I’ve defined it with the same gold glass pool tiles used to separate the ocean floor from the water; from the top it curves down (covering a really ugly square concrete post) and then straight down to the base.  You can see a tiny bit of the cinder block wall; it continues about another 10 feet to the right.

There’s a lot of color mixing going on here, from yellow to brown to a beige that is almost white.  Also a lot of large shells are joining the starfish!

As you can see, there’s just a couple of square feet to cover.  It has gone pretty fast, EXCEPT around the starfish; you can see a lot of small tiles in there that I had to use to make things fit.  (Lots of chipping and grinding involved in all that.)  The photo looks very mushy in the center; that’s the cement that I just did today; it has not yet been cleaned off.

So here she is:

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